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Troubled about leaks and contamination in your pipeline?



Happy new year! We hope you’ve had a great start this 2023. Av-Tek Valves has some exciting things going on for the year ahead, and we look forward to sharing them with you in our newsletter. Watch out for announcements, product features, new valves, and more!

Starting the Year Right

Av-Tek Valves is your partner for high quality valves made specifically for waterworks applications. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • We build with the highest quality materials.
  • Our valves last longer and perform better than the competition.
  • Unlike most manufacturers, we won't make you wait for 30 weeks.
  • We keep a great inventory of our products, so we can have the valves you need quickly shipped to you.

That said, we’re off to a great start this 2023! Our valves are in stock, lead times are being met, and projects are moving forward.


As a heads up, Av-Tek Valves will be closed from March 24 - April 2, 2023, due to a company training. We will still be able to ship small orders during this time.


Avoid Water Contamination with Av-Tek's Air Relief Valve

Have you ever looked inside the pipe of an exhaust line of an air valve? Most times, they are full of water that was blown out of the system while the valve was releasing air from the pipeline.


Unfortunately, that water goes right back into your system! The water could be weeks, months or even a year old—just one vacuum in the system, and you can have contaminated water back into your pipeline.

Av-Tek’s Air Relief Valve is the only one on the market that’s built with a drain on the exhaust port. This assures the wastewater in your exhaust pipe is drained and not allowed back in when the system shuts down or there is a transient wave. 


Valve of the month:

SDX Sliding Disc Check Valves

Are your leaky and noisy valves causing you constant headaches? The Av-Tek ® SDX Sliding Disc Check is here to solve your problems. Built with years of research and the high-quality materials, this valve offers bubble tight shut-off whether you have low or high pressure lines.


This is the only silent check valve in the USA, with NSF 61 certifications, that has a mechanically retained resilient seat that mates to a 316 SST welded body seat, avoiding blowouts and leaks.


Check our other products:

Flanged Ball Check Valves


Our Flanged Ball Check Valve is ideal for wastewater lift stations where heavy solids are present. In the event you need to clean out the valve, this can be done with two or four bolts being removed to take the cap off. Backwash accessories are available.


DEX Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves

Never worry again about exercising your water valves. Our Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves features a series of 8 o’ring seals, which creates a dry shaft. This prevents water corrosion and improves the durability of your valve. 


Do you have questions?

Our products are manufactured with the highest standards and specifications. With Av-Tek Valves’s team of engineers and product specialists, you can put together a system that meets your needs. If you’re looking for an effective solution for your facility, don’t hesitate to reach out!



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