Spring into Action: Announcements, Valves, and Gifts!



As the weather warms up and we approach the spring season, it's important to ensure that your water systems are ready for increased use. At Av-Tek Valves, we're here to provide you with top quality valves to ensure your water system operates smoothly throughout the year.

It's Water Conference Season!

Av-Tek team members will be traveling around the country for the next few months visiting you at your local conferences. At these exhibitions, we’ll be able to dive deep into the details of each valve and show you our demos so you can see why Av-Tek truly offers the highest quality in the industry.


Please get in touch with us to see if we’ll be at a conference near you. If we’re attending your show and you reach out before the show begins, you’ll receive a special gift from us! 


Av-Tek Will Be on Vacation

From March 24 to April 2, Av-Tek is taking a company-wide week off! We’ll still respond to emails and can arrange emergency shipments if needed. However, we won’t be able to take phone calls throughout the week as we’ll be cruising the Caribbean! 



Valve of the month:

Polyamide Air Valves

Av-Tek’s Polyamide (PA) Fiberglass reinforced air release valves may be lightweight, but they get the job done! Why lug around a heavy iron combination air valve that can weigh 40–70 lb when a 1” plastic version is only 1 lb and a 2” valve is only 2 lb?

The 5300 series by Av-Tek is a combination or triple function air valve, which has the following capabilities:

  • Air Exhaust: When a pipeline is filling, the pipe may seem empty, but in reality it’s full of air. As water replaces that air, the air will need to go somewhere. With our poly air valve, the air is released through its large opening. Without such exhaust, the air will compress and cause the pipeline to run inefficiently.
  • Air Release: Av-Tek’s poly air valve is designed to release air that may accumulate in the pipeline during operation. This can help maintain optimal pipeline efficiency and prevent water hammer and other issues caused by air pockets.
  • Air Intake: Our air valve can also take air into the pipeline when there’s a vacuum condition. This is important for preventing damage to the pipeline and ensuring a functional system.

Check our product page to see the poly air valve in action! 


Check our other products:

5500-02 Wastewater Air Valves

The wastewater air valve guarantees the proper operation of sewage lines, allowing the entrance of a large volume of air in case of a pipe burst or draining, the release of air pockets during working conditions, and the discharge of air during pipe filling.


DEX Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves

Never worry again about exercising your water valves. Our Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves features a series of 8 o’ring seals, which creates a dry shaft. This prevents water corrosion and improves the durability of your valve. 


Do you have questions?

Our products are manufactured with the highest standards and specifications. With Av-Tek Valves’s team of engineers and product specialists, you can put together a system that meets your needs. If you’re looking for an effective solution for your facility, don’t hesitate to reach out!



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