Say Goodbye to Leaks: Av-Tek’s SDX Check Valve

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Welcome to the latest edition of Av-Tek News! In this issue, we're excited to feature our innovative SDX check valve, which provides a reliable and leak-free solution. We'll also discuss Av-Tek's Ductile Iron Air Valves, designed to solve hidden issues in your pipeline systems.


With our cutting-edge valve solutions, we can help you overcome your toughest challenges. Don't hesitate to call us today to learn more.

Say Goodbye to Leaks: Av-Tek's SDX Check Valve

Often, Globe Style check valve buyers are unaware that the valve is metal-seated, which can leak up to 1 oz of water per inch of diameter per hour according to AWWA standards. This leakage can pose problems during pressure testing, creating a headache for contractors. 


Until the release of Av-Tek's SDX Check Valve, the workaround was to machine groove and hand-press an O-Ring into the seat — a temporary fix that’s prone to failure.


Av-Tek's SDX Check Valve solves this problem! It uses the same design as our DEX Valve to ensure a leak-free experience. 


Av-Tek's Caribbean Cruise Inspires Fresh Ideas 

Last month, Av-Tek was cruising the Caribbean! It was a great time to strategize with each other and discuss how we can better serve you and the water industry. We are excited for things to come! 


We appreciate your patience with us as we experienced some delay in our responses during that period.



Valve of the month:

Ductile Iron Air Valve

Have you seen our blog post for our Ductile Iron Air Valves? These valves solve issues you don't even realize you have! 


Av-Tek’s 5300 series air valves have an innovative design that includes a draining system to avoid wastewater from entering your system, preventing contamination and ensuring efficient operation. Like most of our products, these are in stock for 3" and 4" sizes.


Check our other products:

Poly Air Valves

Av-Tek's Polyamide (PA) Fiberglass reinforced air valves are lightweight, compact, and designed for easy maintenance. They have a fully-automatic triple function and are suitable for use in distribution lines, pump stations, high points in the line, and before pressure reducing valves and flow metering devices.


Knife Gate Valves

Av-Tek's knife gate valves are ideal for fibrous fluids such as wastewater and pulp. It features a fusion-bonded epoxy coating for corrosion resistance and a tight shut-off that's assured by an elastomer and metal seats. Common applications include sewage treatment plants, sugar factories, pulp lines, and cement plants.


Do you have any questions?

Our products are manufactured with the highest standards and specifications. With Av-Tek Valves’s engineers and product specialists, you can put together a system that meets your needs. If you’re looking for an effective solution for your facility, don’t hesitate to reach out!



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