Knife Gate Valves

Guaranteed Smooth Operations and Lasting Durability With High-Performance Knife Gate Valves

Are debris-clogged valves slowing your operations down?

Our Knife Gate Valves guarantee uninterrupted flow, perfect for fibrous fluids like wastewater and the paper industry. Experience zero leakage and maximum performance with a knife valve featuring elastomer and metal seats for a tight shut-off.

Tired of valves that won’t close because of debris in the media?
Our knife gates are a great option for fibrous fluids such as wastewater and the paper industry. The tight shut-off is assured with the elastomer and metal seats.

Main Features:

Available in both rising and non-rising stem options.

304 or 316 Stainless Steel Knife for extended, corrosion-free life.

Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, 304 SST, or 316 SST options are available.

Fusion Bonded Epoxy inside and out on all ductile and cast iron bodies.

Key Benefits of a Knife Gate Valve:

Common applications:

Unbeatable Reliability and Durability, No More Valve-Related Headaches

Experience superior valve performance with Av-Tek Knife Gate Valves. Benefit from extended valve life, reduced maintenance, and drip-tight shut-off!

Av-Tek is dedicated to delivering a reliable product that boosts your system’s efficiency and minimizes the need for frequent interventions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Can Av-Tek valves handle complex valve applications?

A: Absolutely! Av-Tek valves are engineered and tested to provide reliable performance in challenging conditions, making them the perfect choice for tackling intricate and demanding projects. Rest assured — our valves are up to the task of delivering outstanding results! Contact us to learn more.

Q: Does Av-Tek Knife Gate Valves offer drip-tight shut-off capabilities?

A: Yes, our knife gate valves are designed to provide a drip-tight shut-off, ensuring zero leakage and preventing any unwanted seepage or wastage. The combination of elastomer and metal seats guarantees a secure seal, assuring you peace of mind and optimal efficiency. Call us to discuss your needs.

Q: Are knife valves easy to maintain?

A: Indeed! With their durable materials and robust construction, Av-Tek Knife Gate Valves require minimal maintenance, saving time and effort. Contact a sales representative for more information.

Q: Where can I find more information about Av-Tek Knife Gate Valves?

A: Download our product brochure here with the specifications, features, and additional details. And contact us here to discuss your needs with a sales representative.

Seize the Power of Precision: Transform Your Operations With Av-Tek Knife Gate Valves!

Don’t let poor-quality valves slow your operations down any longer. Upgrade to our reliable knife gate valves, and experience a seamless and efficient workflow. Make the smart choice, and take control of your projects with our high-performance valves!

Get in touch with our experienced team today, and we’ll guide you in selecting the perfect valve solution for your specific needs.

What many are finding to be true and you will too, is that by using higher quality valves, you get a longer life out of the valve, less maintenance, and drip tight shut off.

Feel free to reach out to us for all your questions you might have in regards to butterfly valves in your system.

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