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Ductile Iron Air Valves

Certified to NSF/ANSI/CAN 61/372

Tired of air valves filled with nasty water and exhaust vents full of water?

We have the answer with a Ductile Iron Air Valves!

Air valves are in every system and often forgotten about until the valve is needed!

Maintenance on the Av-Tek 5300 series iron air valve is simple and NOT needed often

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An air valve has three main functions:

The Av-Tek series 5300 iron air valve works to keep air out of the pipeline. However, a standard ductile iron valve only performs the first and second functions (exhaust air out of the pipeline when filling with water and allowing air back into the system when draining). In order to have the third function, a series 5301 poly air valve is threaded into the valve.

What is different with the Av-Tek iron air valve?

No dead (waste) water allowed back into the system!

Standard air valves seal any where between 20-30 psi, so this means it works from the time you introduce water into the pipe until you hit the pressure to seal the valve. If an exhaust pipe is attached to the valve, this will be filling with water while the pipe is pressurizing. Once pressure is met, water will stay until there is a vacuum. This could be weeks, months or even years. Then a transient wave or a pump turns off and causes a vacuum to enter the system, and as the valve opens, it will not allow all that water back into the system!

Designed with a draining system to avoid waste water into your system!

With the Av-Tek series 5330 or 5340 iron air valves, you will never have to worry about wastewater coming into your system when a vacuum happens. With a drain port cast into the exhaust
vent, you simply attach a drain line with an isolation valve or check valve!

Maintenance is easy!

Five bolts retain the cover to the body, so you can simply remove the bolts to take off the cover. The 5300 series ductile iron valves always come standard with heat fusion bonded epoxy, which is an upgrade option from your standard air valves. We also use an O-Ring seal in place of a paper gasket.

Simple design with out common failure points

Traditional air valves have a guide as part of the float, which is held in place by a
bushing. If your air valve stays in the closed position (which they do) and you have hard water
(which you likely do), corrosion will build up next to the guide and bushing. This causes
the valve to malfunction eventually. 

Testing is simple! Simply isolate the air valve, open the drain, and see if the float goes down as it should. If it does not, you should try out an Av-Tek Valve!

Common applications:

    • Pressure Reducing
    • Pressure Sustaining
  • Flow Control
  • Tank/Reservoir Filling
  • Hydroelectric bypass
  • Shutoff Valve high pressure/high flow

What many are finding to be true and you will too, is that by using higher quality valves, you get a longer life out of the valve, less maintenance, and drip tight shut off.

Feel free to reach out to us for all your questions you might have in regards to butterfly valves in your system.

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