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As we welcome spring, it's time to focus on fresh starts and reliability. That's why we're featuring our most dependable valves for your water system this month. So whether you're looking for durability, precision, or usability, we have the perfect valve for you.

24" Mechanical Joint Valves—Now in Stock!

Are you looking for mechanical joint double offset valves? Av-Tek has you covered! Our 24" mechanical joint valves are in stock and ready to meet your needs. At Av-Tek, we're committed to innovation, reliability, and availability—stay tuned, as we will be stocking other sizes soon!


The Advantages of the DEX Butterfly Valve Compared to Standard Valves

The double offset butterfly valve has been widely used in markets around the world for decades. However, many water operators and engineers here in the U.S. have yet to adopt it. But as more people learn about its advanced design, superior technology, and long lifespan, it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice for various applications. 
One key advantage of the double offset butterfly valve is its reliability, which can prevent costly maintenance issues. Watch our video below to learn more about the engineering behind this valve.


Valve of the month:

5301/5302 Poly Air Valves

At Av-Tek, we always appreciate feedback from our customers. Recently, we heard from several customers whose systems are on the coast and have our poly air valves installed outdoors. They reported that the plastic valves hold up much better than the old cast iron-style valves, even in saltwater environments.
If you’re in a similar coastal location and want to try our poly air valves, contact us about our newsletter offer. We’re confident that you’ll love our poly air valve! But if you’re not satisfied for any reason within 3 months of the sale, we’ll take it back.


Check our other products:

Double Flanged Industrial Butterfly Valve

The double flange butterfly valve has two flanges on the valve's body, providing increased stability in high-pressure applications. There are several options for flanged style butterfly valves. The most common are AWWA C504, API609, double offset (also known as double eccentric), high performance, and triple offset. 


Wafer Butterfly Valve


The Wafer Butterfly Valve is sandwiched between two flanges, and none of the bolts on the flange thread into the valve body itself. Wafer butterfly valves provide a low-cost solution for isolation. They also feature a compact design, making this valve ideal for applications with limited space. 



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Our products are manufactured with the highest standards and specifications. With Av-Tek Valves’s engineers and product specialists, you can put together a system that meets your needs. If you’re looking for an effective solution for your facility, don’t hesitate to reach out!



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