Can Butterfly Valves Be Used for Throttling?

an engineer using a butterfly valve for water throttling

Butterfly valves are commonly utilized in industrial and commercial applications to regulate the movement of liquids, gasses, and slurries. While their primary purpose is to serve as an on/off control mechanism – did you know that they can also be used for throttling?


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How Do Butterfly Valves Work as Throttling Devices?


Butterfly valves work as throttling devices by controlling the flow of fluids through a circular disc or plate positioned in the path of the flow. The disc is mounted on a shaft that is rotated by a handle or actuator, allowing the disc to be positioned at different angles to the flow path.


When the disc is in a fully open position, the fluid flows through the valve with minimal resistance. However, when the disc is partially closed, the fluid encounters a smaller opening, creating a more significant pressure drop and reducing the flow rate.


However, butterfly valves are only effective for throttling when properly designed and selected for the specific application. Not all butterfly valve designs are created equal, so it’s important to consider the available options to ensure optimal performance.


For instance, the commonly used zero offset butterfly valve is not well-suited for throttling, as it can lead to significant flow restrictions and pressure drops, especially at high flow rates.


On the other hand, double eccentric butterfly valves, such as Av-Tek’s DEX Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves, offer much better flow regulation thanks to their unique build. With a reduced risk of seat set or deformation and a design that prevents valve rubbing on the resilient seat until the last 10% of closure, it’s an ideal choice for throttling applications.


Something to always be aware of, is that when using a butterfly valve for throttling, the chances of cavitation increase due to the design of the valve.  When high pressure and velocities pass through the valve to the other side of the disc, we run into the possibility of cavitation and this should be considered when selecting the correct valve for your application.


VRX Plunger Control Valves: Another Suitable Throttling Device


When it comes to throttling, Av-Tek Valves offers a range of solutions beyond the DEX Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves. One of the most effective alternatives is the VRX Plunger Control Valve, which offers numerous advantages over pilot-operated control valves and butterfly valves.


The VRX Plunger Valves are user-friendly and easy to maintain and can be conveniently connected to a SCADA system, allowing remote adjustment from your computer. With pressure transducers and level sensors, these valves can adjust automatically to meet application requirements.


Available with manual handwheel or electric actuator control, the VRX Plunger Valves provide flexibility for various flow regulation needs. Additionally, the valves’ bronze welded rails ensure smooth operation and proper alignment, while maintenance is hassle-free with simple seal replacement using an Allen wrench.


Av-Tek Valves has great lead times for quick for shipping, ensuring that your flow regulation needs can be met promptly.


Av-Tek Valves: Your Partner in Achieving Optimal Flow Regulation


Ultimately, the effectiveness of butterfly valves and plunger valves for throttling depends on their specific design and capabilities. Av-Tek Valves offers both the DEX Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves and the VRX Plunger Control Valves, each with its unique features and advantages for precise flow regulation.


When selecting a flow regulation device, it’s essential to consider the valve’s design, performance, and compatibility with your specific application needs. Our team is dedicated to helping you select the best valve for your application needs and providing technical support whenever required.


To learn more about our products, contact Av-Tek Valves today at (385) 325-2504 or (801) 637-8541 or send us a message. We look forward to helping you achieve optimal performance and efficiency for your system.

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